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Estoril / Portugal
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Star drivers test new Superleague Formula video game
watch the video on the SF site

Giorgio Pantano, Craig Dolby, Max Wissel, Davide Rigon and Enrique Bernoldi were among the star Superleague Formula by Sonangol drivers to try out the series’ brand new video game during the recent race meeting at Donington Park.

Featuring a grid of powerful 750bhp single-seater racing cars, Superleague Formula by Sonangol is the only competition in the world to unite premier league-quality motorsport with some of the world’s most famous football clubs. Supporters of those clubs and motorsport fans worldwide will soon get the chance to drive their own team’s car when the exciting new video game is launched in September.

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Second Race.

In this spectacular race with dry and wet parts of the track many drivers couldn't keep there car on the track.
The first unlucky one's are Club Flamengo and Galatazaray. In an collition with each other they couldn't resume the race.
PVS pushed his car to far and ended up in the gravel.
Glasgow had problems with the front wing and Anderlecht with the rear wing. Possible that they touched.
Sporting club Portugal pushed the car over the limit and went off the track.
Corintnthians had the fasted lap but struggeling with engine problem. Had to put the car on the green.
AC Milan crashed hard at the outcome of the second corner. Safety car had to come into action. The rest of the cars bearly could avoid a collition.

Race 2 winner Al Ain - Second place Atletico Madrid - Third Liverpool.

Overall winner Liverpool - Runner up Al Ain - Third Tottenham Hotspur

First Race.

The morning started with lots of rain. But the sun did his job good and came for a look. Drove the clouwd away so the drivers had a perfect dry track. Kasper Anderson started from the pole position. On lap 15 the engine stalled and stopt. Giving away his position.

In the first lap in the first corner the drivers were fiting for the best position. An multi car collision happend and the safety car had to come in action. The accident caused the early stops of the Sporting Clube de Portugal, SC Corinthian and Atlético de Madrid cars

On lap 19 the Dane caused bringing out the Safety Car and two laps later leaving a four minute sprint to the chequered flag.

Race 1 first place Tottenham Hotspur (Craig Dolby) - Second place Glasgow Rangers (John Martin) - Third place Liverpool (Andre Valles)


Here we are again at Circuit Zolder. It's july the 18th eleven o clock. We hope for a good and hopefully dry race. But then again in the rian things happen.

15:15 Qualification is started and Muermans parked the PSV car in the barriare. To bad.. no time for him. After a thrilling final of the qualification Kasper Anderson has taken the pole position. John Martin, runner up, is pleased with the result. A little disappointed about the final. There he made a little mistake that cost him the pole position. Adrian Valles was not disappointed but the result could be better. It's a good position for the race tomorrow.

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Superleague Formula by Sonangol roars into Belgium
Zolder/ Belgium

The power of top class motor sport plus the passion of football arrives in Belgium next weekend (18/19 July) when the 2009 Superleague Formula by Sonangol headlines at the Zolder circuit.

UEFA Champions League giants Liverpool FC and AC Milan were the teams to beat in the opening rounds staged at the Magny-Cours circuit in France last month.
However, raising hopes of a home win at Zolder, Brussels-based RSC Anderlecht holds
a strong second place in the overall standings after strong showings in both those first two races from the club’s Dutch driver Yelmer Buurman.

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Superleague Formula is set to move up yet another gear with the launch of its first official videogame in September.

Now poised to kick off its second season, Superleague Formula is the only competition in the world to unite premier league quality motor sport with top football brands.
The series features a grid of powerful single-seater racing cars – all representing many of the world’s most famous football clubs – competing for top honours on the race track.
This year’s championship takes place between June and November with races in France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy and Spain.
Among those celebrated clubs competing for outright glory are former UEFA Champions League winners Liverpool FC and AC Milan.

As on the race circuit, the exciting new Superleague Formula video game will combine the passion of football with the speed,
excitement and emotion of car racing to produce a product with genuine appeal to the millions of global gamers already enjoying top selling football and motor sport games.

Renowned specialists Media Game and Image Space Incorporated are masterminding the development and subsequent launch of the official video game. ISI has a wealth of experience – its portfolio of video games already includes rFactor, F1 Challenge and NASCAR Thunder.
The exciting new game will be introduced in September and will be distributed online for PCs from the official Superleague Formula website:

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Liverpool Two Up After Opening French Races

Adrian Vallés

Liverpool FC came out on top in the new “Weekend Winner” contest when Adrian Vallés comfortably won the Super Final at the opening rounds of the 2009 Superleague Formula by Sonangol at Magny Cours in France today (28 June).

The British club also heads the championship standings courtesy of the Spaniard claiming a victory and sixth place in the opening two 45-minute races of the exciting single-seater series. Reigning GP2 champion Giorgio Pantano took honours for AC Milan in the second race watched by a crowd of 12,000 in hot and humid weather conditions.
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