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Menard Competition Technologies Limited (MCT),

one of the world’s leading motorsport and advanced

automotive organisations, is the company providing

Superleague Formula’s driving force.

Blessed with a clean sheet of paper, MCT’s team of

world-championship-winning designers came up with

the concept of a lightweight V12 that would sound as

good as it performed.

superleageformula 177

A compact 4.2 litre V12, weighing in at just 140 kilos

and less than 700mm in length has been designed for

Superleague Formula, producing 750 horsepower at

the flywheel.

“We’re delighted to be working alongside Superleague

Formula on this exciting project,” said Charlie Bamber,

managing director of MCT.

“The V12 design, as well as being at the forefront

of contemporary engine design philosophy, is one

that will excite crowds across the world by bringing the music and noise of the track to mix with the football inspired fervour of the grandstands.”

 MCT is based at Leafield Technical Centre, deep in the heart of Oxfordshire’s motorsport valley and boasts in

excess of thirty years experience at the pinnacle of world motorsport.

Its personnel bring championship success from across the F1, world sports car, touring car, IRL and CART

spectrums and take pride in numerous world championship and other international series victories.

Those that witnessed Jaguar’s legendary Group C sports car successes of the late eighties and early

nineties, including the marque’s most famous hours at Le Mans, or perhaps Volvo’s BTCC campaign,

Nissan’s IRL assault or its NASCAR triumphs of recent years, have glimpsed the wealth of knowledge that

MCT brings to the Superleague Formula programme.

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SF by Sonangol

SF by Sonangol