Second Race.

In this spectacular race with dry and wet parts of the track many drivers couldn't keep there car on the track.
The first unlucky one's are Club Flamengo and Galatazaray. In an collition with each other they couldn't resume the race.
PVS pushed his car to far and ended up in the gravel.
Glasgow had problems with the front wing and Anderlecht with the rear wing. Possible that they touched.
Sporting club Portugal pushed the car over the limit and went off the track.
Corintnthians had the fasted lap but struggeling with engine problem. Had to put the car on the green.
AC Milan crashed hard at the outcome of the second corner. Safety car had to come into action. The rest of the cars bearly could avoid a collition.

Race 2 winner Al Ain - Second place Atletico Madrid - Third Liverpool.

Overall winner Liverpool - Runner up Al Ain - Third Tottenham Hotspur

First Race.

The morning started with lots of rain. But the sun did his job good and came for a look. Drove the clouwd away so the drivers had a perfect dry track. Kasper Anderson started from the pole position. On lap 15 the engine stalled and stopt. Giving away his position.

In the first lap in the first corner the drivers were fiting for the best position. An multi car collision happend and the safety car had to come in action. The accident caused the early stops of the Sporting Clube de Portugal, SC Corinthian and Atlético de Madrid cars

On lap 19 the Dane caused bringing out the Safety Car and two laps later leaving a four minute sprint to the chequered flag.

Race 1 first place Tottenham Hotspur (Craig Dolby) - Second place Glasgow Rangers (John Martin) - Third place Liverpool (Andre Valles)


Here we are again at Circuit Zolder. It's july the 18th eleven o clock. We hope for a good and hopefully dry race. But then again in the rian things happen.

15:15 Qualification is started and Muermans parked the PSV car in the barriare. To bad.. no time for him. After a thrilling final of the qualification Kasper Anderson has taken the pole position. John Martin, runner up, is pleased with the result. A little disappointed about the final. There he made a little mistake that cost him the pole position. Adrian Valles was not disappointed but the result could be better. It's a good position for the race tomorrow.